Best Instagram Influencer Marketing Platforms

Best Instagram Influencer Marketing Platforms

Searching for the best Instagram influencer marketing platforms online can be quite challenging and often misleading. How do you know the top platforms for Instagram marketing? What are the best influencer marketing strategies to apply? How do you select the right influencer marketing agency?

Well, look no further because Shirley is here to answer all your questions concerning Instagram marketing. You never have to worry about the necessary marketing tools for Instagram needed to optimize your influencer marketing experience. 

There are several platforms for Instagram marketing out there and each has its unique features and tools. Shirley gives users access to the best tools and features required to enjoy seamless influencer marketing experience.

What makes Shirley the best Instagram influencer marketing platform?

Shirley inculcates some of the best influencer marketing strategies for members. Our platform for Instagram marketing grants every user access to some cool marketing tools for Instagram, some of which may not be accessible on the best Instagram influencer marketing platforms out there.

Users can keep track of influencers in one central platform. This implies that users can invite an influencer to join a campaign using a sign-up link or by uploading them in bulk to get more influencers to join in.

Every influencer's status can be tracked in the marketing funnel, you can monitor activities and set up what is required of all influencers. This helps to keep track of each influencer's output, spot loopholes and where to improve on. 

Additionally, Shirley grants you access to send a reminder to each influencer in your team. You can send trigger emails to influencers based on the activities required of them, this helps to hold everyone accountable. Users can ditch emails, DMs and texts as Shirley helps you manage your emails and vital messages.

The Shirley app helps you schedule and monitor every shipment. Recurring shipments gives you seamless ambassador programs management as well as ongoing influencer relationships. You also get the chance to connect Shopify to import products, make orders, and manage all discount codes associated with every item.

Shirley gives you a better view of all your influencer's shipments, those days of last-minute post office runs are over.

Contents can be saved automatically, every screenshot, story or post is stored in one place. There are folders where all these contents can be neatly saved, this leaves your job tidy and organized. Shirley makes it easy for content downloads that may need to be posted later, this can be done at your desired location.

How do I get onboard the best Instagram influencer marketing platform?

The Shirley Instagram influencer marketing was designed to serve brands and agencies with a large team of influencers working on different campaigns. We developed this platform for Instagram marketing to monitor and boost your influencer's work-rate as well as get the desired output without breaking the bank.

Who says you can't manage a team of influencers with a small budget?

Interested brands can schedule a 30-minute walkthrough to discuss your needs with an expert and to see what we do and if it would benefit you.