Easy-peasy influencer marketing software

Automation takes care of details so you can focus on what matters, like making better decisions.

Keep track of influencers in one central platform

Invite influencers to join your campaign with a sign-up link, or upload them all in bulk.

Track the status of each influencer in your marketing funnel. Know what they've done, need to do next, and that nothing is falling through the cracks.

Specify exactly what your people need to do

Anyone can set up campaigns in a few clicks.

Set up custom post requirements based on shipment and delivery dates.

Clearly communicate requirements to influencers to avoid mixed signals (and headaches).

Remind influencers when they don't post

Trigger emails based on the actions your influencers do (or don't).

No more digging through texts, emails, and pesky DMs.

Hold everyone accountable, without losing your mind.

Schedule shipments right from the app

Recurring shipments make it easy to manage ambassador programs and ongoing influencer relationships.

Connect Shopify to import products, create orders, and manage discount codes.

Get a birds-eye view of all your influencers' shipments, in one central location. Say goodbye to last-minute post office runs.

Launch a world-class influencer program in 90 days.

Book a call to learn how Influencer Marketing will increase your conversion rates and help you get more customers.

Collect content, automatically

Save every post. Save every story. Never take a screenshot again.

Organize all of your influencers' content into neat little folders that make you happy.

Download whatever you like so you can post from wherever you are.

Find out if the juice is worth the squeeze

Shirley pulls together the reports you've always wanted, but never had the time to make. The more you know about your influencers, the smarter you can be with your marketing.

Our built-in analytics tools help you break down the data so you can do more of what works.

See Shirley live on camera.

Schedule a 1-on-1 video call to learn how Shirley helps brands grow faster with micro-influencers.

Jessie | @allsocialjessie

"My team saves 25+ hours per week since we switched from spreadsheets to Shirley. I was shocked at how easy it was to get started."

Jack | @boldbrew

"Absolutely great platform that we use daily to run big influencer campaigns on a small budget. Shirley makes working with Instagram influencers wayyyyy better."

Chris | @docpepeslab

"I had tried influencer marketing, but was so lost. Shirley gave me the playbook to run an ROI positive influencer marketing campaign, and a tool to make it 99% automatic."