Instagram For Influencer Marketing

Instagram For Influencer Marketing

Around the globe today, over 70% of brands and marketers find influencer marketing effective. All business owners, companies and brands worldwide now spend a fortune on influencer marketing due to the return on investment (ROI).

Major brands such as Nike, Gucci, Kylie Cosmetics, Amazon, Sprint among several others, utilize different influencer marketing techniques to reach out to their target audience. The two most vital metrics of every marketing campaign are the reach and engagement and this can be effectively achieved through influencer marketing.

These brands spend billions of dollars on influencers yearly, using the best marketing strategy available to push their campaigns on social media such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and other popular networking sites. 

What is influencer marketing?

Influencer marketing is a content marketing strategy that consists of promoting your products, services, or brands by collaborating or partnering with an influencer. These influencers create awareness and engagements with these campaigns to reach a target audience.

Influencers are individuals who can affect the purchasing decisions of others due to their fame, position or their relationship with their audience. These individuals could also be celebrities already known to the audience.

Most times, these influencers are individuals who have grown their online audience over the years. Choosing the right influencers for your campaigns could be the major boost your brand requires to reach a larger audience.

Brands use several social media platforms such as Instagram for influencer marketing to create awareness for their products and services as well as drive sales. Sales in particular can be a surprising benefit of utilizing Instagram influencers, the boundaries are limitless when working with the perfect influencer as you not only get your products out there to the public, but also to the reach of the audience who fall within your market target.  

What is Shirley?

Shirley is an Instagram influencer marketing platform designed to help brands manage influencers at scale. We utilize the best Instagram marketing strategy to help you manage the number of influencers in your team.

As a Shirley user, we give you access to several tools such as a guide to Instagram influencer advertising to help you maximize your influencer marketing experience.

Users can keep track of influencers; invite influencers via links and monitor the status of all influencers in your team.

Product shipments to influencers are also monitored on our Instagram influencer marketing platform.

There is a reminder tool to communicate effectively with all influencers and it helps to avoid digging through emails, texts, and DMs. 

We understand there are several Instagram influencer marketing agencies out there but very few can grant you access to some of the best tools all in one place.

Jumper Media designed Shirley after years of struggling to manage Instagram influencers at scale. We started the company and saved ourselves the cost and challenges of managing a large number of influencers running our campaigns. This helps us to understand the loopholes associated with Instagram influencer marketing platforms.

Why not save yourself time and stress? There is a smarter way of achieving your goals, move over to the Shirley side and enjoy premium influencer marketing experience on a budget. Schedule a 30-minute walkthrough with us now and get expert advice on your needs.